Brianne Westfield,


I grew up with the smell of fresh paper and ink. I spent my summers listening to the sound of a printing press humming; swishing paper through its rollers while ink smeared across the page forming letters and pictures. From the time I was a sprout, my dad's career in printing fostered my budding love of art and design. 

As an apprentice, I continued to fall more in love with design after graduating high school. I spent nearly two years dripping with sweat in the hot warehouse offices of a small advertising agency and fine art company, just so I could learn the craft. Not long after, I was taken on by a larger agency (this one with central A/C!) and began a true career, fulfilling my dream of being an award-winning designer.

Nearly 20 years later, I've decided to branch out on my own. Good design has always been in my heart. I believe that branding and design need to be a collaborative process between the designer and the business. My process allows me to get to know so much more about your business than just what you're looking for in a logo. I feel that by getting to know you, I can better communicate who you are through a visual medium.