Your brand is so much more than a logo.

Your brand

is so much more

than a logo.




Welcome to The Craft United Co., a full service branding and design agency based in Durham, North Carolina. We take your who, what, where, and why, and turn them into a cohesive statement. Stunning visuals, creative copy, and bold presentations all combine to let your audience know that you mean business.



Graphic Design

We live in a world of visual communication. The icons and images that your client sees should speak as much about you as your words. From your visual identity, to the depths of your website, we can help create a graphic message that resonates with your clients.


brand strategy

At The Craft United Co., we know that your logo isn't the only thing that defines your brand. We can help you create a strategy and story for your brand that is cohesive and engaging. 


Photography ARt direction and editing

The saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Having an art director for your photography session ensures that your visuals stay on point. We work with prominent photographers in Durham, NC to show your products and services in their best light.