formula sense | Complete branding package

Lisa Richardson is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist with a massive collection of feeding knowledge. She was disappointed by the information that was available to her clients though when it came to infant formula. Other websites and information distributed through hospitals and doctors offices, either came from the formula companies themselves or were heavily paid for by the formula companies. Lisa set out to provide an unbiased resource for clinicians and families on infant formula. Formula Sense, your infant formula guide, will be coming soon. Work includes complete branding from naming of the company, to full logo spectrum creation, color and font choices, tagline and key phrase development, and full development of the brand story and branding guide. Formula Sense’s website, copy, and photography will be engineered by the rest of the Detail & Design Studio collective team.



The Primed Practice | visual identity

Michelle Hardman aims to encourage every therapist who desires a practice of their own that they too can be confident business owners. After already having developed a working relationship, it was only natural that The Craft United Co. would be the right choice to help Michelle build a visual identity for her company, The Private Practice. Work includes logo creation, color palette curation, and font selection.



Counter Tools | brand story and brand guidelines

Counter Tools is a public health organization on a mission to empower communities to become healthier places. In looking to reposition themselves in the marketplace to be known not only as public health software experts, but as a powerhouse of knowledge on place-based public health, they enlisted The Craft United Co. to create a new brand story and a set of guidelines to bring their marketing into focus. 



contented Heart Yoga

We partnered with our good friends at Detail & Design Studio to create a one of a kind logo for a one of a kind yoga studio. Contented Heart’s owner and master Yogi was looking for something with both an Art Deco and Mid-Century vibe. We avoided the “typical” yoga imagery to create a unique logo representing the heart and vibrancy of this studio.



larissa Parson | Movement Teacher

When Larissa Parson came to The Craft United Co., she was looking to brand her movement business in a way that would not only convey the way that students would learn to move their bodies, but the sense of community that they would find in her classes. The logo that we created for her was inspired by attending a group class with Larissa. Her sense of joy, body-positivity, and zest for getting people to move all shine through in her branded visuals.

Work for Larissa included creating a visual identity, font and color choices, tagline and key phrase development, favicons, and art direction for photography.



Monica J. Young | Holistic Life Coach

As often happens in life, we sometimes discover that we are doing one thing when we think we are doing another. After 30+ years in the fitness industry, Monica J. Young discovered that she was coaching her clients in so much more than just fitness and nutrition. Her knack for helping people figure out their life goals and achieving them, helped her launch a new career as a Holistic Life Coach. She came to The Craft United Co. to help her create a new brand from scratch. Her logo embodies the idea of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together: which is exactly what Monica does for her clients. 

Work for Monica's complete branding includes visual identity, font and color choices, key phrase development, copywriting, and complete website development including custom graphics, and photography art direction.